Immigration Index- Local

Basically a questionnaire with questions that mainly municipalities would benefit from getting the answers. Individual municipalities and regions can ask their own questions. See this link with the attached examples of questions formulated by municipalities, regions and county boards.

Immigration Index- National

Merged answers of all municipalities replies complemented with national and regional results.

Interview with SFI students regarding the local community at municipal level. SFI students from all over Sweden fill out a questionnaire during the lecture time with the help of their teachers. The questions are formulated by our partners and customers. See our 2016 form on this link .

This project is in collaboration with University of Gothenburg.

Immigration Index- Youth

The same layout as for SFI students above but set for upper secondary schools students between the ages of 15 and 20 who read the individual program language introduction.
See our 2016 form on this link .

The project is in collaboration with SOFI at Stockholm University.

Immigration Index- Company

Customers and employees of companies in Sweden as well new started businesses by recently arrived immigrants. The project takes place in the same interview as the Invandrarindex – National. Today, we only have questions about entrepreneurship but expect to address company-specific issues shortly.

Immigration Index – Panel

Panel, which is being built and administered by the University of Gothenburg in collaboration with the Invandraindex . The panel recruites, among other things, via Invandrarindex national survey.

Immigration Index- Qualitative

Customized qualitative surveys, focus groups and deep interviews. Our major national and local studies are not suitable for qualitative issues and therefore, we conduct focus groups and deep interviews when we want more descriptive reasoning, often about specific issues. Qualitative methods are also used as preliminary studies for quantitative surveys and sometimes when we want deeper understanding of any question posed in the quantitative studies.

Immigration Index- Seminars

We are glad to attend seminars and conferences. We often report our results to larger groups.

Invandraindex – Consultant

Several of our consultants have extensive experience of work aimed at new arrivals. We learn from our results, presentations and follow current research.

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