Save the date – Invitation to webinar on integration


What does the integration look like after Covid-19?

Conference where results from the Immigrant Index’s unique migrant surveys are woven together with the Government’s action program for integration as well as recommendations and reflections from leading researchers and other experts in, among other things:

  • Labor market
  • Accommodation
  • Civil Society / Democracy
  • Healthcare
  • Education / Validation

Thursday 15 April 2021

InvandrarIndex invites to a half-day webinar where we focus on what happens after the pandemic for those who have come to Sweden in recent years.
Make a note of the date in your calendar. Invitation with program and registration information is coming soon.

About InvandrarIndex

We are a channel for bringing forward new ideas, opinions and experiences. Many thousands of newly arrived have brought their experiences and future dreams to us in recent years and responded to our partners’questions.

The municipalities are our partners that allow students to fill in a questionnaire during the classes. They put their own local questions and receive answers from the new Swedes about their own municipality.

For more information contact
Per Lundgren
+46 70 766 80 41

Fredrik Lundvall
+46 70 650 72 12

Fredrik Lundvall Per Lundgren

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Sustainable integration in the Nordic countries in the face of Covid-19: What are we learning?


The Nordic Council of Ministers invites to the conference “Sustainable integration in the Nordic countries in the face of Covid-19: What are we learning?”
Invandrarindex presents results from regional surveys regarding Covid-19, click this link to see the presentation

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