Our Partners and Customers

Our partners, in addition to municipalities, county administrative boards, regions and municipalities who ask their own questions in the Immigrant index 2017 are:


Building and Planning Department

Economy Facts

The Public Health

University of Gothenburg

Institute of Social Research (SOFI)

The Swedish Trade Union Union Confederation(LO)

Migration Department

Immigrants Reception inquiry A 2015: 02


Swedish Sports Confederation

National Board of Health and Welfare



The Swedish Institute

Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

Swedish Transport Agency


University of Umeå

Validation delegation 2015-2019 U 2015: 10

World Values Survey (WVS)

Karolinska Institute

The Institute for Futures Studies (Iffs)



The counties and the regional reports we produce can be used as important elements in the work for regional development.

The municipalities are given the opportunity to adjust their actions based on their results and can also make comparisons over time as well as with other municipalities in the region or Sweden as a country.

Invandrarindex customers are also given the opportunity to formulate their own questions that can be addressed to all respondents, but also to defined groups, eg. based on community affiliation, nationality, educational background, etc.

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