Can we use Ipads to fill in the questionnaires?
Answer: Yes, except for Tigrinja.

What is the cost for the municipalities to participate?
Answer: To get your own PowerPoint report with the ability to make your own breakdowns in a very easy way directly in PowerPoint, the cost is 9,500 skr. for the sfi survey and the upper secondary school survey.

Do municipalities have the opportunity to make their own statistical analyses and reports?
Answer: Yes, at the total level.
If you want to break down answers, for example, ages, sex, or see how those who want to move from the municipality respond, we will charge a self-service to produce broken down statistics.

Can a municipality have its own questions in the form?
Answer: Yes, but it requires that the questions come to us at least two weeks before the survey starts because the questions must be translated first.

Do all sfi students have to fill in the form?
Answer: Of course it is good if it is possible but it is not a requirement.

Some students have not learned well enough Swedish to fill in the form, what do we do then?
Answer: Let them get another assignment this lesson.

What do we do with students who have read and write difficulties?
Answer: Let them get another assignment this lesson.

Can we present the results for the students when the survey is completed?
Answer: It is up to the municipality itself.

Why do you only see squares when filling in the tigrinja form on mobile phone / smartphone?
Answer: Unfortunately, Smarphones does not support tigrinja.

How long does it take to fill in the questionnaire?
Answer: It takes a little more than an hour if you are used to the language you use. The less uncertain, the longer it takes. To avoid using forms and languages, it takes almost two hours.

What is the purpose of the survey?
Answer: We want to convey the voice of immigrants to decision makers in each municipality, region, county and authorities and organizations. Quantitative information from refugees and other immigrants is unfortunately unusual.

Which students should fill in the form?
Answer: Hopefully everyone can fill in the form with the help of teachers and maybe interpreters.

Do the students have to fill in the form? No, nobody has to fill in the form.
Answer: It is entirely voluntary and it is important that the teacher inform everyone about this.

How do you know that the students answer truthfully?
Answer: It’s always an unknown factor in market research, just like everywhere else. If the students understand that their answers  will affect how it will be for future immigrants to come here, we hope to make it as truthful as possible. It is also important to insist that students are anonymous, no one knows what they answered. We do not even know which students have been in classrooms or answered from distance.

Where can you see the questionnaire?
Answer: There is a pdf file under the “Teacher” tab that you can download and print.  All the questions and that makes it look very big. Almost no student answers all questions because there are filter questions in the form that make e.g. Those who want to start their own get some questions, such as those living in an apartment or have lived in the Migration Board’s estate, get other questions.

There are no more languages, can you translate to more?
Answer: The translation is hard to get really good, but we do our best. We expect to translate into some languages ​​during the summer / autumn. It will probably be first to Persian, Thai and Russian.

The text in some questions is very difficult, can not you simplify more?
Answer: There is a balance between the students understanding the question and the fact that those who use the results want the most accurate information.

Why do not you have the answer “do not know” and “do not understand the question” on all questions?
Answer: It will be negative and will affect the number of answers to each question negatively. We would like it to be positive and fun to fill out the form.

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