Report Sweden Youth 2017

Interactive web report

All statistics from the immigrant index 2017 can be found in our interactive web report.

The report can be downloaded in Power Point and enter your own notes. It is also easy to divide the respondents into different groups, which are presented directly in all charts. For example, bars that show gender, age, state of health, come alone, have a residence permit, etc. If the number of answers is less than 5, no pile of confidential reasons is displayed.

How to use

  1. Read this description (pdf) of the web report.
  2. Open the report
  3. Log in with your information.

If you want to perform more advanced analyzes and calculations, the entire database in SPSS and in Excel is available.

If you do not have a password or want the database in another format please contact us at or (070 – 650 72 12)

Technical description of the survey

Download PDF

Used questionnaire

Questionnaire Swedish / English

Extract from the 2017 report

Here are PowerPoint charts from the National Report. Here, the respective municipality figures will also be visible. Here’s how it looks like now:

[Your municipality]

  1. Total
  2. Sex
  3. Age
  4. Those who come here with or without the help of UNHCR
  5. Those who want to start their own business
  6. Those who would like to work with health and medical care
  7. Those who claim to have good health condition

The immigrant index includes 30 municipalities.

If any municipality  wishes so you can let their students answer the questions and easily see their own report together with the total figures for the whole country. Everything is already ready, so just let the students answer the questions and retrieve a password for their own report.

There are 62 charts in the adult survey.

Download excerpts from the adult survey (24 charts, pptx)

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